Looking for the best?

well you found it!

Seismic is a mature clan with players of all ages above 18+. Whether you are in your 20's, 30's or above, there is a place for you in Seismic. We value our members and consider them as a family; after all Seismic is a home to many of us. It's a place where we come after work and chore's to take a breath and hangout with friends. We take pride what has become Seismic and are constantly driving it forward with the help of our members and the Staff.

Why Seismic?


Maturity is one of our key policies and we are constantly enforcing it. Members who are not mature, tend to not be around for long.


We are one of the top recommended clans in the looking for clan website. One of the most used website when looking for a clan.


We require our members to be active within the voice chats to ensure that the member count isn't there just for a show.

About the game

Just around the corner is the new baby of Bioware, Anthem. Anthem is first and foremost a over the shoulder looter shooter. A RPG/PVE story driven game that gives us the right to pilot very unique suits called Javelins. Freelancers is what we are called. Our job is to protect the people by controlling and keep the monsters from the Anthem world engines at bay. Many more dangers lurk in the forest. A tip for you all, don’t let your eyes drift from watching the north, the unknown shadow is moving.

Here is something we have planned and going for us:

  • Friendly enviroment in both casual and more competitive play
  • Recurring Events
  • Dedicated Staff
  • Solid & evergrowing Playerbase

We are building up the excitement for the official launch of Anthem with some pretty neat events. On our way there we will have some pitstops at 25.01.19 – 27.01.19 VIP Demo, 01.02.19- 03.02.19 Public demo release. Both the weekends we will coordinate events were we sit together and discuss what we have seen.